Monday, March 25, 2013

Activity, Fairview Mentor of Brothers

Mentor activities vary considerably.  Fairview's Mission Mentor of the Year Garet Edwards encourages his two mentees to try new activities as well as set and achieve goals. 

Garet had his mentees Clint and Koby Swanson train for a 5-K run in Fairview. 

According to Mission Mentor's Randi Lackey, who took these photos, "They ran it together, and Garet pushed his daughter in the stroller!  Garet is usually either wearing a ballcap or cowboy hat."
Right:  Garet with Koby Swanson
Below:  Garet Edwards, Mentor of the Year      

For more activities, photos and Garet's tribute:

A photo of Clint, Koby and Garet in front of The Guardian statue at the State Capitol, Oklahoma Mentor Day, January 16, 2013

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