Thursday, October 18, 2018

College Activity Model & Thanks

Thanks to Dr. Don Betz, president of the University of Central Oklahoma, UCO hosted Oklahoma Mentor Day 2017, themed "Building Brighter Futures." President Betz also helped support the event's first campus venue through the Office of the President. UCO set an extremely high standard for colleges hosting in the future. Many university staff, faculty and students created educational, interactive and inspiring activities, which serve as a model for other universities and Career Techs statewide.

Having Oklahoma Mentor Day on the campus allowed a college visit for visiting mentees, mentors, mentoring staff, and other guests. 

Department of Chemistry


John Bowen, Ph.D.
Michael Ferguson, Ph.D.
Cheryl Frech, Ph.D.
Sanjeewa Gamagedara, Ph.D.
Dana Rundle, Ph.D.
Stephanie Skiles, Ph.D.
Amanda Waters, Ph.D.
Assisting them were students Allison Arnold and Morgan Black.

The Forensic Science Institute 
Crime scene investigation involved fingerprint powdering, creating ten-prints, making Mikrosil mold impressions and trying on Tyvek suits.

Austin Cauley, Treasurer, Student Academy of Forensic Science
Amy Ehrlich, Student Academy of Forensic Science
Caitlyn Porterfield, Impression Evidence Instructor

Heather Sherwood, President, Student Academy of Forensic Science

Derek Still, Student Academy of Forensic Science
Stephanie Steinmetz, Forensic Science Institute Academic Advisor

Lynda Loucks, collection manager of the UCO Biology Department Museum of NaturalHistory, and Kinsey Tedford, graduate student, fascinated attendees with critter collections, also affectionately known as "The Dead Zoo." To acquire the specimen, Dr. Loucks even fetched the deceased alligator in a body bag, returned it to Oklahoma and tanned its hide with a glycerin mixture to keep it supple. So much to be learned and touched!


Jenna Hellack, Ph.D., emerita professor of biology, enthralled the audience with the sexing of bones to help determine identity. Skulls, skeleton and pelvic bones!

Mohamed Bingabr, Ph.D., embracing the event, recruited Aamr Hasanjee and Thiago Falcao to exhibit and discuss their projects in biomedical and mechanical engineering.

Computer Science & Robotics
Caleb Power and Gina NeeDels, representing UCO's Association for Computing Machinery, provided demonstrations of Lego robotics.  

UCO Undergraduate Admissions 
LaTasha Giddings answered questions about academics, student activities, financial aid and other opportunities offered by the University of Central Oklahoma.

Jazzed Up Trio 
Former UCO musicians Alyssa Kozlowski, Rei Wang and Colton Dean provided music.

Oklahoma A+ Schools
Brittany Lee and Mary Howell of Oklahoma A+ Schools presented table with artist  trading cards and story cards.

UCO's Cassidy Jackson, event coordinator extraordinaire, calmly arranged the location details and food.

Three Post-Event Tours

University of Central Oklahoma's Forensic Science Institute

University of Central Oklahoma's Academy of Contemporary Music

Faculty member Chris Hicks, program director of contemporary music production, and staff member Brenda Brent, director of Student Academic services, conducted the tours.
Alissa Giacona, academic program specialist, planned the opportunity.

Edmond's AMF Boulevard Lanes

We also appreciate other participants not associated with the University of Central Oklahoma. They, too, had clever ideas.

Keynote Speaker Alton Carter, author and speaker and a foster alumnus, who moved everyone and later autographed his books.

Future Occupations Activity-Social Media Photo Op 

Donning a mortar board and gown, mentees can don a mortar board and gown and make a sign illustrating what they want to be when they grow up. 

Joe the Pirate, Balloon Artist

Other volunteers included Molly Shi Boren and a recognition presenters.Ralph Cissne, Denise Ebersbach, Cathy Render, Farooq Karim, Nancy Hall, Barbara Gabel, Susan Gabbard, and Betty J.C. Wright.


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