Friday, June 2, 2017

Cow Patty Bingo II

After the inaugural of Cow Patty Bingo at the Canadian County Fair in 2014, the board and mentors of El Reno Public Schools Foundation refined their project into a tour de force.

As a fundraiser, this is clever and well executed, but it can also be a fun activity at a festival or celebration. 

In Oklahoma, county fairs are large social events, really community celebrations, as well as competitions in agriculture, livestock, handwork, wood crafts, canning, cooking, and a plethora of other categories. Youths and adults proudly display their best work. A midway of some size offers rides and games. Vendors offer food specialties, such as funnel cakes, large turkey legs, deep-fired everything, and candied apples. Musicians entertain on stage. Businesses showcase their newest equipment and other products. Hawkers perfect the art of selling. With all five senses on overload, wonder and excitement permeate every county fair.

For this Cow Patty Bingo:
  • Space reserved at fair
  • Local pre-event publicity online
  • Ticket tables located at entrance(s)
  • Tickets sold at booth
  • Bingo tarpaulin and pen
  • Goats, their equipment and handlers
  • Schedule of bingo, i.e., when goats will be let out on tarp
  • Plinko Game with free prizes, including books, for kids
  • Homemade cobbler cooked over a chuck wagon fire
  • Ice cream (store bought) for cobbler ala mode
  • A heap of socializing

Debra Kauffman sells bingo tickets at the entrance to the fair.


Dana Gibson, chairwoman of the board for the Students Striving for Success Mentoring Program, admires the humor and artwork in the sign.

"Where there's muck, there's money"

Witty Dana may have created that slogan.

Peering out of their trailer, the darling stars, or poopers, of the show wonder 
what all the fuss is. (Goats poop more often than cattle.)

Precious, isn't she? This dainty doe always poses for hay.

Ah, what a handsome buck or billy (goat), especially in his stylish white chain collar! 

The pen, tarpaulin, and stars' trailer

Free Plinko, An Activity for Children

Plinko winners receive a new or lightly used book and/or trinkets 
purchased in large quantities. 

Students Striving for Success mentors spend a little time reading during each mentoring session since relationship-building and literacy are important. "SSS" mentees' state reading test score rose significantly after this mentoring program began.

Are those Chinese woven finger pulls? Adults like them, too. 
The plastic spider rings in Oklahoma State University colors are a hit also.

Cowboy Cobbler

This year Bill Nuzum's cobbler with an ala mode option was sold at the location.

Toni Grantham serves a generous portion of cobbler for a hungry fairgoer.

Wit the backdrop of a real cowboy chuck wagon, helping serve are Robert Grantham, 
Toni with ice cream on her fingers, and Brooke Robertson.

Was that "finger-licking good" ice cream? 

Mentors and board members Curtis Blanc and Ronnie Fields approve Bill's cobbler.

A closeup of Bill Nuzum's Dutch oven-cooked, cowboy cobbler.

Famous cowboy chuck wagon builder and cook Bill Nazzum instructs 
Chad Neathery in the art of cooking with hot coals.

Closeup of the cookers: Should you try this at home

A television looped the video show of Bill Nuzum on the Cooking Channel's My Grandmother's Ravioli. 

Nuzum has made many public appearances with his chuck wagon, cowboy food, stories, and activities related to western heritage. 

Read more in the link below.

Back to cow patty bingo

A closeup of the bingo tarpaulin

Waiting to see where the poop lands so someone can shout, "BINGO!"

Watching the hand-raised competition goats meander around the pen

Lucky number 48 has more poop pellets than other spaces at this moment. 

Ties secure the tarpaulin to the pen rails.

Dana Gibson is and has been a strong leader for Students Striving for Success. 
El Reno's Suzanne Thompson initiated the mentoring program concept and Dana took the lead. Leading citizens of El Reno are passionate board members and mentors. We salute Gibson, Thompson, and all the other creative, persistent people who make this mentoring program succeed brilliantly.

Canadian County Fair, the view from the Cow Patty Bingo location

From the El Reno Tribune

Photo by Ray Dyer

Caption: Linda Hulbatta, Dana Gibson, Richard Steanson and Bill Nuzum pose with the chuck wagon Nuzum will use to cook cobbler at the Cow Patty Bingo event, while Gibson's youngest grandson, Jimmy Gibson, inspects the wagon.

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