Sunday, February 19, 2017

STEM Camp for Girls, Tech Trek 2016, III, Awards

 As a companion to previous Tech Trek at SWOSU posts, most of the awards program is below. 

What an opportunity to interact with these STEM professionals!

Links shared are live for readers' reference (top of page 10 in program).

Additional STEM opportunities for Campers:

Devon Thunder Explorers Program

Summer Academies in Math, Science, and Technology
Note: SWOSU offers the Summer Science & Math Academy (SSMA) two-week summer camp for high school students -- check it out!

FTC (First Tech Robotics Challenge)

Girl Scouts STEM Program

Women in Science Conference (for grades 6-12)

Oklahoma STEM schools

Assorted photos from the Awards Day 2016


 Scale model of the Taj Mahal

Shelli Wasson, AAUW/OK Co-President         
Diana Campo, Education Opportunity Funds
Angie Lewis, Finance Officer

AAUW Oklahoma Co-Presidents Angie Lewisand Shelli Wasson 
with award recipients CArly Gordon (Camper), Erika Plyushko 
(Counselor), and Alex Jordan (Counselor).

Present for the awarding of Alpha Gamma Delta's 
first Tech Trek award are Melinda Rushing, Catherine 
Oster, Debbie Williams, Junior Counselor award recipient 
  Katelyn Cejka, and Bev Woodrome.  

Proud mother Nancy Cejka and Katelyn

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