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Mayor Bartlett's Mentoring to the Max Breakfast 2016, Part II

As mentioned previously, outstanding northeastern Oklahoma mentors, honored at Oklahoma Mentor Day at the State Capitol, were listed on the back of the event program and asked to stand to be recognized at the Mentoring to the Max Mentoring Breakfast with Mayor Dewey F. Bartlett, Jr.

Program back

Mayor Bartlett's Points

  • January is National Mentoring Month.
  • Tulsa Regional Chamber's Partner in Education Program for over 30 years has driven a highly successful collaboration between business and the schools.
  • The City of Tulsa supports mentoring through career awareness, e.g., developing different types of career academies. 
     ~  Aerospace Academy (See previous post.)
     ~  Possible internships with the Tulsa Housing Authority 
         to provide high school students with internships to 
         learn about construction.
First Lady Victoria Bartlett's Points
  • Emerson Elementary School's partnership with the City of Tulsa
     ~ Lunch buddies
     ~ Reading books to classes
     ~ Educating or engaging students on planning topics
     ~ Her riding with Emerson's Bike Club to City Hall 
  • Now several bike organizations have adopted seven Tulsa schools to give children a fun, biking experience.

Mayor Bartlett said about her, "She's the heart behind our community-wide mentoring efforts and is our youth's Number 1 champion."

2015 Coaches' Mentoring Challenge New Mentors for Oklahoma
Beverly Woodrome, director of the Boren Mentoring Initiative, announced the number of new mentors recruited by Oklahoma mentoring programs during the 2015 Coaches' Mentoring Challenge: 3,821. She also thanked Mayor Bartlett and the City of Tulsa for its mentoring efforts and then reminded the audience that he is one of a handful of "Mayors for Mentoring" nationally recognized by MENTOR, the National Mentoring Partnership, for his mentoring advocacy and strategies. Mayors must have a list of mentoring-related accomplishments, initiatives, and pro-mentoring public announcements to be considered for this honor. 

Surprise for the Bartletts!
Seeing Emerson Elementary School's principal Tammy States present with some students was not unusual because of the City's partnership with the school. Woodrome, however, then invited the three students to the podium. These Emerson sixth graders--Aiden and Jacob Joseph and Sylvester Calvin--bore gifts bags!

Aiden and Jacob Joseph and Sylvester Calvin, presenting on 
behalf of grateful Emerson Elementary School mentees, watch the 
Bartletts open their gifts. The Mayor received a "Mentor Tie" 
and the First Lady, a custom-embroidered mentoring apron.

As the event was ending, Mayor Bartlett immediately walked 
stage right in view of all, removed his jacket and tie, and put on the 
mentor tie the Emerson mentees had brought. Leaving early 
for another meeting, he was determined to wear his mentor tie. 
[Don't you just love Mayor Bartlett?] 

Mayor Bartlett with Aiden and Jacob Joseph and Sylvester Calvin

The Joseph twins, Sylvester Calvin stand in front of 
First Lady Bartlett and Mike Neal, chairman of the Tulsa Regional Chamber.
Cell phone photo

First Lady Victoria Bartlett and Pam Listar are listening intently.
Although this is not a sophisticated shot, the details on the apron 

presented to the First Lady are more visible. On the bib is the 
purple and blue Mentoring to the Max logo, and by her left 
hand  embroidered on the pocket in purple lettering
with a red heart image is "I 'heart' Tulsa Mentors."
Cell phone photo

Oklahoma State University's Dr. Jason Kirksey, Vice President 
for Institutional Diversity, who attended the breakfast on behalf 
of the Oklahoma Louis Stokes Minority Participation Alliance 
(OK-LSAMP), enjoyed meeting the Bartletts. 

Emily Harris, mentoring program director, and Treasure Sandeford,
executive director, both of the Boys & Girls Club of Nowata, take a
moment to pose with First Lady Victoria and Mayor Dewey Bartlett. 

Professional event photos provided by Pam Listar, communications director, City of Tulsa

Notice that Mayor Dewey and First Lady Victoria Bartlett were among those honored on Oklahoma Mentor Day at the State Capitol on January 8, 2016. The certificate of each featured his or her name and read:

"Mentoring to the Max

City of Tulsa

In recognition of making a profound difference in the lives

 of youth through mentoring advocacy and leadership"

David L. Boren, chairman of the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence, 
presents outstanding mentor tokens to Tulsa Mayor Dewey F. Barlett 
and First Lady Victoria Bartlett. Anil Gollahalli, president of the 
Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence, assisted in the presentation.
Photo by Travis Caperton, Capitol photographer 


About the Mentor Tie

Briefly, the online search for the right mentor tie brought the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence back to Dr. Susan Weinberger, a.k.a. Dr. Mentor, the consultant whom our former director Charlotte Jones had brought in to begin the Boren Mentoring Initiative and help with the Local Education Foundation Outreach. Woodrome, the current BMI director, not only became acquainted through many phone calls and emails but also developed a friendship with and appreciation of Dr. Weinberger on multiple levels.

The money for these classy, fine quality silk mentor ties is actually a donation to the Norwalk Mentor Scholarship, Dollars for Scholars, in Norwalk, Connecticut. 

We were thrilled to be able to assist these appreciative students in honoring the Mayor and First Lady.

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