Monday, August 5, 2013

Resources for Mentors & Dads, a fantastic resource, has one mentoring group called Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students), but it offers so much more, e.g., "Hot Topics," "Research," "Your Situation," "Your Kids," "Fathering Court,"etc.  To be a Watch DOG, you only must be male.  'More on this later, however, see:
1) Watch the fantastic story about WATCH D.O.G.S. from Matt Lauer and the TODAY Show, 2/11/13, featuring the great WatchDOGS of Martinsburg, WV. And thanks to all the dads and everyone involved in the program who are helping to make it a success!

2) If you don't read or watch anything else, watch this video about a dad talking to a young man who comes to take his daughter to hang out. What is the young man doing wrong, and what is the father doing right?

Meeting Your Daughter's Date (video)

The "Hot Topics" section of the website could be used by mentors to discuss with their mentees, or it can be a lesson for dads in how to handle situations or discuss issues.

More sections of "Hot Topics" include: (Even discuss with girls!)

Daughters (20 items)
Sons (13)
Discipline (15)
Work/Family (21)
Your Dad (17)
Your Marriage (19)
Education (21)
Faithful Fathering (5)
Sex (7)
Money Matters (7)
Holidays/Seasonal (32)

Excerpt from a 2007 Edmond Outlook article about WATCH D.O.G.S.:

"In today's society, unfortunately, not every child has a positive male role model in their lives. Anytime that we can get more one-on-one with children, it's nothing but good," said Jernigan.

"The volunteer might read with the children. They might help them with flashcards or just spend time with the kids in a positive light. We have a set schedule where the volunteers are in different classrooms for about thirty minutes of the day and then on thirty-minute rotations. They also walk the perimeter of the building, and spend time at the cafeteria during lunch to help monitor and supervise the children," said [Cara]Jernigan [assistant principal at Will Rogers Elementary School, Edmond].

Excerpt from another 2007 Edmond Outlook article:

"[Dr. Joe] Pierce [principal of West Field Elementary] implemented many programs at Orvis Risner Elementary, some of which were incorporated into the plans for West Field-Watch D.O.G.S or Dads of Great Students, who are positive role models with an extra set of eyes and ears, Reading Renaissance, which stresses the importance of reading independently, and the Fine Arts Institute, which brings art instruction to fourth graders."

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