Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Involving the Governor

Below is the link to Governor Mary Fallin’s pro-mentoring PSA, a part of a year-long campaign to promote youth mentoring in Oklahoma. 

Governor Fallin graciously did this on behalf of all of you who mentor.  Your organizations are listed in our mentoring directory at okmentors.org so anyone interested can look there for your program and contact information.

  • Post on Facebook, Twitter, Pininterest, Instagram, other social media venues. 
  • Incorporate with your digital signature for a month. 
  • Post the link on your websites.
  • Request television stations in your area to run the PSA, which they can access through this link; however, the best way to convince a station is in person with the link available to show on a mobile device.  
  • Share the link internally and/or externally if a business, municipality , school or other organization.
Spread of this video undoubtedly will help recruit new mentors and garner support.

 Let’s make it viral in Oklahoma!

Governor Fallin’s “Oklahoma’s Year of Mentoring” PSA

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