Thursday, December 6, 2012

Career Exploration for Mentors & Mentees

Career exploration should begin far before ninth grade when grades "count" for graduation and both choice of and performance in classes matter for the future.

Photo:  A few years ago, an Oklahoma City oilman and member of the Kiwanis Club of Oklahoma City hosted a trip for an OKCPS Key Club to one of his rigs to learn about careers in the oil industry.  Other club members hosted tours of a bank and a large law firm.  Mentoring groups can arrange similar career-oriented outtings, and mentors can take mentees to work.

Mentors can expose youths to so many careers via the internet, but hands-on activities and onsite visits to businesses and facilities are also helpful.  For example, a mentor can discuss aeronautics with kites, weather, balsa wood model airplanes, and other related subjects in addition to viewing an airshow, going inside a plane in a museum, watching , etc.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses really are essential for males and females.  Mentees who are behind in math and science need encouragement and tutoring so they graduate with more choices.  STEM classes build on fundamentals so these blocks must be mastered beginning in elementary school and continuing through high school.  Leave no mentee behind!

Shawnee United Way board member Michael Shaw, a businessman, tells about career mentoring in a Tulsa school.  One of his students wanted to be a vet, but when Michael mentioned the number of years of education required, the student was not interested.  Michael suggested becoming a vet tech.  Upon research, that career, even if only a launching pad for another career or vet school, met the criterion of a reasonable amount of extra education while working with animals. 

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