Friday, September 7, 2012

Mentor Receives National Award

Doris Long, Mentoring Director, Little Dixie CAA in Antlers, Oklahoma, sent us this special recognition announcment and interesting newsletter.  Passport to the Future, her mentoring program, serves children of prisoners.  (A road trip to Antlers to meet Doris and see the program is now on my to-do list. Photo at right courtesy of the OKHP.)

Little Dixie CAA's website and past newsletters have many creative ideas and heart-warming stories. Although not to detract from Clinton Crawley's dedication and award, a quick read of the newsletters includes a reading contest to distribute backpacks, Doris Long's winning an award from the Mentoring Children of Prisoners Program (2011), mentored children decorating cookies for nursing homes as well as painting large yard ornaments for a motionless parade, crafts a volunteer taught the mentees, and much more.

We have not posted a newsletter previously and may never again, but the full August 2012 issue is below.  Clinton is pictured on pages one and six.

Congratulations, Clinton, Doris, CAA staff, and the townspeople of Antlers!   

Doris writes in her email about mentor Clinton Crawley:
Attached is our agency newsletter with an article about one of our mentors, Clinton Crawley.  He was awarded the Jayne Thomas Grassroots Volunteer Award by the National Partnership of Community Action Agencies.
He has been a mentor and volunteer with my program since 2005 and has mentored several young men that have gone on to be successful.  He has provided transportation and been a chaperone at nearly every one of our activities and events.
Doris Long
Mentoring Program Director
Little Dixie CAA
603 S.W. "B" Street
Antlers, Oklahoma 74523
It is better to build strong children than to fix broken men.

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