Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Model Program in Tulsa, OK

This school-based program speaks for itself.

Adult volunteers in the Congregation B'nai Emunah/McClure Elementary School Mentoring Program are matched in a one-on-one relationship with kindergarten through sixth grade students at McClure Elementary School in Tulsa.

Volunteers work as "literacy mentors" because they primarily focus on building reading skills to help their students close the literacy gap and read at or above their grade level.

A unique hallmark of the program is that literacy mentors are able to track their students' reading growth throughout the year, a strategy that helps the program problem-solve around best practices for supporting students.

Volunteers commit to weekly hour-long sessions which take place during the school year and summer school.

Volunteers are also able to participate in the Reading Club where they work with 1st and 2nd students in small groups to significantly increase their reading levels.

Last year, many of our students grew over a year in their reading skills and kids in the Reading Club doubled their expected growth. As the program enters its ninth year in the 2012-2013 school calendar, we are aiming for 150 volunteers to join our ranks as literacy mentors and are hoping to set new records in reading growth for struggling students. 

Literacy mentoring takes place in a portable classroom which has been designated as the "mentoring center." The program is self-contained, with a leveled library, reading games, phonics activities, math resources, and other enrichment material.

Updated program information provided Jay Pendrak, Director of Community Development

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