Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mentor Focus on Linda Huey

Mentor of the Quarter, PAL Program of Volunteers for Youth

The PAL Program of Volunteers for Youth names a Mentor of the Quarter throughout each school year. 

The Mentor of the Quarter for the end of the school year is Linda Huey, who is in one of their longest-term matches (6 years) with a very, very shy young lady.

Every year Linda has struggled with trying to bring her mentee out of her shell and has doubted every year that the student would want to be re-matched. Every year, however, this mentee has stated she does want Linda to return and she has done so.

Recently, Linda became discouraged to the point of almost giving up. Before she did, however, she came to the Volunteers for Youth office to speak with Cindy, the PAL Director. Cindy and Mendy, the Executive Director, talked with Linda at length that day about the probability that she is indeed making progress and the fact that she is undoubtedly making a difference in this young lady’s life. She was given some additional tips, tools, and games to further draw out her student.

Not only did she seek out this guidance, but she also attended the very next monthly meeting offered for PAL mentors and gained further advice and encouragement from the other mentors present. Linda exemplifies the kind of commitment a mentor must make to a child, and she demonstrated how to handle periods of discouragement.

We salute Linda Huey for this and for her long-term dedication to her student.

Melynda Stone, Executive Director, Volunteers for Youth...because they're worth it!

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